1. Albums of 2021


    I didn’t restrict myself to albums released in 2021 this year and included albums from 2020 that I discovered in 2021.

  2. Albums of 2020


    Better late than never? Regardless; here are a few of the albums I enjoyed in 2020.

  3. Albums of 2019


    This year’s instalment of “nobody asked, but here they are anyway”. Here are a few albums I enjoyed in 2019.

  4. Albums of 2018


    Nobody asked but it’s that time of year. Here are some of the albums I enjoyed over the last twelve months.

  5. Edinburgh two–two


    In the spirit of rebuilding & relaunching things while on holiday, today I rebuilt Edinburgh2. I’ve owned the domain for over ten years but the original site was looking a little tired and unloved: time for an update! When I first registered the domain I had a grand vision that it could become the online home of the Edinburgh Tech Scene: a list of meetups, a blog aggregator, a jobs board, a discussion forum, the list goes on.

  6. Hello, again


    Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.

  7. Functionally Competent


    Here’s a piece of somewhat–ugly, single–purpose Python code, what it does is not particularly interesting: